Ready for More Scholarship Program &mdash Entry deadline: Friday May 25, 2012

Scanning Tips

  1. Find a printer with scanning functionality. If you do not have one available, find a Fec Ex Kinkos near you.
  2. Select the side of the document you are going to scan.
  3. Open the printer’s lid. Place the side of the document you want scanned face-down on the glass plate of your multi-function printer’s scanning bed. Align the document to your satisfaction.
  4. Close the printer’s lid carefully. You may want to weigh the document down with another sheet of paper to prevent it from shifting.
  5. Choose an appropriate scan resolution. You may have to do this using the controls of your printer or on the computer, depending on the model and software.
  6. Press the scan button to start the process. This can be done on the printer itself or on the computer.
  7. Preview the scan on your computer monitor. You should be able to make minor changes to the scanned image if needed.
  8. Save (onto your computer or onto a disk) the scanned image if you are satisfied with the result. Try again if you are not satisfied.


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